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     Learn how to French braid hair. Braided Image specializes in Caucasian hair braiding styles. But whatever your hair type the moves are the same. Create the hair braiding styles you want with Karen's detailed french hair braid instructions. French braid instructions for short hair, prom hair styles, wedding hair styles, and other braiding hair styles are featured in her finely illustrated books and DVD's.
     Glamorous or casual! Enhance your look with hair braiding styles. In the
Pictures gallery, check out some of Karen's awesome hair braiding pictures. Hair braid pictures are a great way to get ideas. You will be amazed at the variety. Eight different categories let you selectively choose the hair braid styles and techniques that interest you most. Short hair styles and mens hair braid styles too!
     Karen has been practicing her fine art form for 25 years at Renaissance festivals and other theme related events across the southern United States. 
Current braiding events will let you know where and when Karen Ribble will be doing her hair braiding next. 
Questions answered covers many of the frequently asked questions that Karen gets about hair braiding styles on a regular basis.

     Write to Karen with questions, comments or suggestions.

Spring is hear

I hope everyone has had a long and peaceful winter to rest up and refresh for the coming spring like I have. Now I am ready for some spring weather. I have just updated my event schedule for the 2013 season. Better late than never. It is also time for getting my hair braiding things together and ready to be loaded into the trailer. On the down side, the Norman OK show will be overlapping with the first weekend of Scarborough Faire this year. I try to keep in mind that there are pros and cons to everything but I have a difficult time seeing anything positive about missing the first weekend of my beloved Scarborough Faire. I have missed very few since the very beginning of that show back in 1981. This is twenty six years of hair braiding at Scarborough for me. I cherish every weekend of every year and hope for many more. Fortunately my long time friend and mentor Deni will fill in for me on the first weekend. I am so fortunate to have her as a friend.    


Many of you who know me personally know that I am a hobby bee keeper. My bees are doing very well coming through the winter with losing only one hive. Bee keeping is so rewarding. I can’t say it enough. I encourage anyone who is interested to give it a try. For one thing, all the beekeepers I have ever met are supportive and encouraging to all who are interested. I love that about the beekeeping community. They all understand that it is about helping all of us and our food supply. Everyone on the planet depends on bees wether they know it or not.  2012 was a record honey year for me. For the first time I actually have honey to sell, I have also for the first time tried my hand at candle making with my own wax. What a thrill.   

Feathers: Still Cool

Feathers are STILL cool. I started doing feather hair extensions in 2011. I have had a wonderful time collecting and working with them. I love their organic nature. I am now juried into every show with the feathers. Something fun and different. Try one!


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Mar 19, 2013